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:358 Wire Mesh Fence

澳贝彩票官网 358 security mesh fence made from a type of strong welded mesh panel with small mesh opening

  • Hebei Anping
  • ISO9001
  • Xingang, Tianjin
358 security mesh fence made from a type of strong welded mesh panel with small mesh opening. It is extremely difficult to penetrate and difficult to attack using conventional hand tools. Has the features of anti-climbing and anti-cutting.
The fence name 358 comes from its panel mesh opening 3" × 0.5" × 8 gauge - approximate to 76.2mm × 12.7mm × 4mm mesh opening.
358 mesh fence Features:
Anti-climbing: more small openings, no toe or finger holds.
Anti-cut: robust wire and welded joints make cutting very difficult by bolt cutters and wire cutters.
High strength welded at each intersection.
Durable: covering Galfan and polymer powder coating ensure a long service life.
358 high security fences are packaged in plastic film then stored and transported on wooden pallets. Each package is firmly attached to the pallet by a special type tape.
Application: as an anti-climb & anti-cut through barrier, 358 welded wire security fence is designed with maximum security in mind. It is ideally suitable for electronic alarm and detection systems, fencing in prisons, military sites, and airports, industrial and commercial properties, warehouses, power plants, laboratories, secure hospitals, schools, parks, leisure and recreational areas. 358 fence will give them a long lasting and secure perimeter protection with attractive appearance. Generally, 3.60m height fence is used in schools, parks, leisure and recreational areas, 5.20m height fence widely used in prison and military establishments.

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